Eartec Office Pro 710D Flex Boom Binaural Headset

Eartec Office Pro 710D Binaural Flex Boom Headset

The Eartec Office 710D Headset gives you a more personal audio experience, with its HD speakers giving you a crystal clear sound. The 710D has a sleek and refined Obsidian black exterior, an ultra-light weight body yet robust build.

A highly sensitive Neodymium Magnet System for accurate sound reproduction and audio balance. The 700 series are all incorporated with a two tier noise cancelling system to promote your telephony experience and ultimately increase productivity in your day to day business

Headset Features:
- Obsidian Black in Colour
- Binaural (double ear)
- Ultra-lightweight
- Adjustable Headband
- Fully Flex Boom Headset
- Extra Wide Head Support
- Two Tier Noise Cancelling system with Ambient Noise Filter
- HD/Ultra Clear Sound Speakers
- Acoustic Shock Protection
- Wideband Response Frequency
- 2 Year Warranty