Eartec Office Pro 710DV Flex Boom Binaural Headset

Eartec Office Pro 710DV Binaural Flex Boom Headset

The Eartec Office 710DV Headset provides you with the freedom to increase or decrease speaker volume of the headset in any office environment; using your in line controller. It further offers you the ability to mute your microphone with ease and comfort of not having to stretch over to put the call on hold.

The Eartec Office 710DV Headset gives you a more personal audio experience, with its HD speakers giving you a crystal clear sound.

A highly sensitive Neodymium Magnet System for accurate sound reproduction and audio balance. The 700 series are all incorporated with a two tier noise cancelling system to promote your telephony experience and ultimately increase productivity in your day to day business

Headset Features:
- In Line Volume/Mute Controller
- Obsidian Black in Colour
- Binaural (double ear)
- Ultra-lightweight
- Adjustable Headband
- Fully Flex Boom Headset
- Extra Wide Head Support
- Two Tier Noise Cancelling system with Ambient Noise Filter
- HD/Ultra Clear Sound Speakers
- Acoustic Shock Protection
- Wideband Response Frequency
- 2 Year Warranty